What kit do I actually need at home?

July 13, 2021

What kit do I actually need at home?

Lazy man’s summary: Aim to support a bodyweight regime. See below a super quick round up of what to buy and what not to, in priority order. You can be very well set up for less than £40.


1. Pull Up bar- £14+

2. Gymnastic Rings- £20ish

3. Maybe a mid-weight kettlebell but it isn’t vital.

Waste of money

1. TRX- Waste of money. Less effective than rings and costs 5x as much.

2. Dumbbells- Kettlebells are more versatile.

3. Electronic stimulators- Almost no evidence to support their claims.

4. Gimmicky bollocks which doesn’t link into your training.

Pull up bar

BUY IT. A straight bar is perfectly fine. If you’re willing to spend a bit more to get multiple angles that can be useful; some people experience impingement on a straight bar. I have a straight bar, but I also have dragon balls, which are wooden balls which hang down. These enable me to alter the angles It rain and work on my grip. I ripped them from a real dragon i na bar fight. Charizard has not been the same since.

Gymnastic rings

Ah the Gymnastic Rings, probably the best upper body training tool in the world. IdoPortal, one of our fitness heroes agrees. Coupled with your pull up bar you’re now completely sorted. You can also use them to assist pistol squat so you can keep your legs in decent shape or for drop sets it you’re feeling machoistic. I have some basic£20 rings and have never wanted anything more extravagant. I always take them with me when I travel abroad. GAINZ DON’T GET A HOLIDAY.


Kettlebells are bit more expensive than dumbbells, even on thesecond-hand market. You are forgiven if you prefer a dumbbell,but it is less useful. A kettle bell is useful for circuits and canperform a far greater range of movements. There are halfwayhouses such as sandbags and water tanks for those who do notwhich to spend the money. It is possible to buy large waterdispenser refills for around £20. They are resilient to droppingand are a perfectly acceptable option.

Bonus equipment

A little keen, are you? Well here are some other options to consider and why. Strict gear review will come alter. Weare not including racks and larger equipment as that is not feasible for most people. This is a basics article after all.RowersConcept 2 is the indoor rowing manufacturer we recommend, and it is possible to pick up one second-hand foraround £500. This is a particularly good piece of equipment to ‘open you up,’ and counter all that hunching overelectronic devices you will be doing. You should be able to run and cycle outside so if you’re splashing out then arower needs consideration.


Resistance bands and extremely versatile for mobility and strength. Really useful for both loading and de-loading bodyweight exercises. Latex bands last longer and are available in a large range of tension strengths, www.strengthshop.co.ukhas some of the best on the market. If you’re a crazy recycler then use some old inner tubes.


Parallettes come in many shapes and sizes. These are really for the more advanced bodyweight practitioners. I use mine for pike holds and various isometric (static) holds. If you have the space and money then consider high parallettes. High parallettes enable you to conduct bodyweight rows underneath and various dips from above. Mine extend to 93cm in height.

“Prior, preparation, prevents, pisspoor performance.” - Mr Blobby 2000

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