Opportunities when you can't access normal facilities

July 13, 2021

Opportunities in the current climate

Lazy man’s summary: You can now focus on imbalances and build up a strong basics routine which is the foundation of any well-conditioned individual.

• Examples of where to focus.

• Be wary of the increased risk of Kyphosis (bad posture) due to excessive screen time.

• Warnings about pitfalls.

• If you seek high performance get your freaking learn on.

Imagine you’re expecting an outline of all the calisthenic (Bodyweight training) options out there and alternatives to your usual routine. That is a separate article. This is a wish washy article about your training approach. You are welcome. As Charlie D points out, it is adaptability which counts. This is vital to long term fitness. It is a state of mind which keeps you on upward trajectory of fitness, even if you take a little dive every now and then. Currently, the gyms are shut, and you’re limited, maybe you can’t even go for a run. So…?

What are the key considerations for training in this environment?

Here at TT we are big fans of the mind first aspect of training. You need to be invested in your training to complete your training. Therefore, it is worth considering what has been taken out of your life during this period and whether training can help fill that gap.

• Do you normally train alone but are extremely social? Maybe it’s time to combine the two with the online tools available.

• Are you lazy at home but focused in the gym? Do you now need a virtual partner to ensure you’re progressing?

• Is it the opposite? Ironically, are you now going to train more out of boredom? Now injury reduction is your concern, especially considering the strain on services.

What are the likely danger to your health and habits in this environment?

CHAIR SHAPED PEOPLE. You’re gonna get super rounded shoulders. Gaming all the time, social networking, sofa time etc... So, ensure you have some posture focused training. This is a great time to get into online Yoga for example.SAGGY BUM. Your glutes are going to firing even less so the importance of glute work has increased. BORED!!! You are going to lack mental stimulation so working a little more variety in to your training is important.

What are the opportunities?

Did you never really bother with those face pulls for posture. Never really warmed up properly. You do now asshole.

Are you a keeno? Start learning. When normal training resumes, you’ll be in a much better place if you have a greater understanding of training. Refer to our knowledge heroes’ articles for the books to read and the social media profiles to follow.

Everybody should have a good grounding in high quality bodyweight movements. If you’ve been lax then now is the time to get these fundamentals down. They are the basis of all elite level performers. If it is good enough for them, then it’s good enough for you. Put up the pull up bar and put down the dumbbells.

Flexibility is an important element of fitness. You can now go to town on it whilst you binge watch Netflix or try some Karma Sutra…just saying.

You can do all that weird shit like grip training that you never bother with. Personally, I am hugely more diligent with my grip gainz now I am static for most of the day.

You can watch all the Rocky movies back to back multiple times!

Peace out xoxo

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