Easy, small and fun changes are you’re path to hardcore fitness

July 13, 2021

Easy, small and fun changes are you’re path to hardcore fitness.

Lazy man’s summary: The most important aspect of becoming healthy and fit is consistency, which requires the correct mindset. This must be your focus.
  • Opinion piece
  • Fraught with generalisations and conjecture
  • Still a good read…trust

I would be missing a trick if I did not mention a little about motivation and approaching a new training plan or resolution. Now, I have this theory; a person’s physical development and their reaction to habit change can be separated in two camps. There is a sliding scale between these 2camps but broadly, this means the following:

Group A. You are the type of person who struggles with training motivation you need clearly definable and regular results. Your training needs to be very enjoyable or very easy to stick to with obvious and regular progression. Most people fit in to this category.

Group B. My second group encompasses the hobby athletes and the high-performance seekers.Quite happy to slog it out in order to achieve the maximum possible improvement. These individuals tend to be experienced, determined, or both. These people are easier to keep fit but more suspectable to biases and mistakes. These people rarely need to ‘get fit,’ they will be fit, to some degree or other. They are looking for a programme that works for them and gives them what they want. “You are not your fancy programme, you’re not the fancy supplements.You are not the expensive gym you joined.You’re not your new Instagram hashtag.You are not your fucking leggings.You are your training mindset.”

The trouble with these Group A people is they are more easily hooked on the instant gratification offered by the six-pack ab programmes and the comprehensive approaches of super programmes.This group is also likely to be amongst the 45-65%, reports vary, of those who fail to maintain are solution in to February.

Solution? Work out what you could achieve with minimal changes and chop that down by 20% or even half. It can be as simple as turn up at the gym 3 times a week. Once this is achieved you begin to layer on the additional habits. The moment you overachieve, you will fail. I’ve seen it countless times. This is the quickest route to Group B and a lifetime of performance. Face it, if you could do the high volume, mega discipline programme, you would already be Group B.If you have a choice between two programmes then choose the easier one…No, really. Choose the one which allows you to train with a mate or involves activities which fit in your routine. If you’re working off one of ours, I would suggest Busy Bastards possibly customized to just 3 sessions.Those I place in Group B you will probably have an idea what you’re looking for and will be researching and bouncing about whilst already training regularly. I have advice for you at some other point.

Peace out xoxo

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